Men cheat dating sites

16-Jun-2016 15:54

Well, they're often people pleasers, who want to be liked and make other people happy.

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It's a biological fact that young children kill a couple's sex life.

Andrew also claims that a woman who embarks on an affair does so not out of lust or desire, but because she has a problem with her marriage. I've lost count of the men who tell me 'she was too good a mother and not a good wife'.

He encourages worried men to look at their own behaviour towards their wife The reason so many men entertain such fantasies is relatively simple: boys are not encouraged to express their feelings, but to suppress them. And so, every time someone talks about their 'beautiful' children, my alarm bells go off because it sounds like the children have been put centre stage, and not just adored but idolised.

It's not always possible to spot the signs, though, especially if communication is poor.

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Unfortunately, lots of couples imagine they 'know' their partner inside out.

I believe this phenomenon, which I will be exploring in this first part of an exclusive new series, has three basic causes. There are countless websites and apps that exist solely to facilitate 'easy' sex.