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The text also provides a new 11-fold classification of bāla, which is not mentioned in earlier texts.Description of vataśoṃita as raktasthambha is available only in this text.Most of the diseases mentioned in the saṃhitā s find mention in this text along with new additions on account of their importance and predominance during the time.The way of explaining a disease and its treatment is not as per the saṃhitā s.He has written vyākhyāna on Amarakoşa named bālapriyā.

Kāśyapasaṃhitā is the most important text that deals with Kaumārabhṃtya.The śamana treatment method is more preferred in this text than śodhana. There are other versions of Ā rogya Rakşā Kalpadrumaḥ which have only 40 chapters, but the contents remain same, this could be because of the absence of ending colophon in each chapters.The first chapter begins with the definition of the word bāla, and continues with an eleven-fold classification of bālavasthā, types of bālacikitsā, postnatal care, specifications for breast feeding, rakşā karma, principles of treatment in children, treatment of diseases occurring up to 15 days after delivery, pathyāpathya.Methods for purification of stanya, including lepas are mentioned.

Some unique diseases like kuṃṇālaka, kūpaka, raktānāvasthā etc., are described in the work.

He is a graduate of the Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Ayurvedic College, Nazarathpet, Chennai.Ārogya Rakşā Kalpadrumaḥ is written in simple Sanskrit.