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09-Aug-2016 20:46

I felt that paying 0 to let 450 of my neighbors know about my search was well worth it.I had already put flyers up everywhere, but I wasn't sure that anyone was actually seeing them.No sign of how or why she got out but she was gone.She had never left our fenced yard in the seven years we've had her until now.Having this service to spread the word and alert all area pet care facilities gave us more of a sense that we were doing everything we could to find her.We still hold hope that with her being so friendly and not skittish of strangers, she may have been taken in by someone and cared for and loved by them and if she goes to an area pet care facility there remains an alert for her and a chance that she might be returned. It was great to see people working together to meet a need.Having so many people let me know that they knew about our search really gave me hope that Atticus would be returned to us.

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Right after we dropped a flyer off at our neighbor (2 doors down) he saw her in a tree, came and honked and asked if we were still missing a cat.notices and it just so happened that while my one neighbors were out walking their dog they saw my precious kitty.They tried to get her but she was too scared but they had my number from the flyer and called me right away. I didn't pay for the extra stuff because I was already calling vets and the 2 shelters in our area so I felt no need of that and the prices were a smidge out my range for what I wanted to do. Thank youcall from a woman down the street who received one of the robocalls.)because some people don't know to take them to a vet to see if they have been chipped or not. Still after now three washes she still stinks 😷 🤦‍♂️ lol. Thanks to all my family that help put out flyers & posters. In our case our 10 year old cat, who was just a joy to have in our family, got out and didn't return.

I hope we don't ever have to use this again but if something should happen this will be the first place I go! Now, got my work cut out for us today, removing all the flyers and posters. We are new to the area and don't know our neighbors and we were heartbroken and truly desperate to be able to do SOMETHING to find her.They had spent hours searching our property and the next morning we began our search along with the help of friends an neighbors.