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Mrs., photographer, Peoria, IL (1875) Lakeside Directory of State of IL ROBINSON, J. Bela, photographer, 8 Main, h do, Haverhill, MA (1880) City Directory ROBINSON, JNO. Robinson, John C., photographer, Jamaica, VT, 19 September 1863, 8 months, IRS Tax Lists; John C. H., photographer, 204 Wabash Av., Chicago, IL (1878-1879) Lakeside Chicago City Directory ROSS, C. Ross, Charles L., photographer, 107 Main, bds 44 The Oaks, Willimantic, CT 1887); Charles L. P., photographs, Groton Junction, Groton, MA (1867) Massachusetts Register ROSS, HAROLD Ross, Harold, photogr [at] Carl R. Ross, Susan H., photographer, Middlebury, VT, ; Susan H.

C., photographer, Jackson Twp, IN, 1865, IRS Tax List ROBINSON, JOHN C. J., photographer, 289 4th Ave., New York, NY (1906) City Directory ROSS, CAROLINARoss, Carolina Miss, photographer, Middlebury, VT May 1866, IRS Tax Lists ROSS, CHARLES L. D., photographs, Ringgold, PA (1861) Boyd's PA Business Directory ROSS, SUSAN H.

If there is more than one individual in a photo, each will be described. Each additional photo at the same time, would be .00 for each. If there is a photographer's mark on the reverse, send a scan of the back as well.

Roberts, Frederick E., photographer, 548 1/2 Congress, rm 11 h 3 Sherman, Portland, ME (1915-1917) Crowley & Lunt's The Portland Suburban City Directory ROBERTS, H. Roberts, Howard L., photographer, 15 S 13th, Philadelphia, PA (1903) City Directory; Howard L. B., photographer, Perkins Block, Clyde, NY (1864-1866) cdv vignette image with tax stamp ROBERTS, J. Robertson, A., photographer, 2150 3rd Ave., New York, NY (1906) City Directory ROBERTSON, A. Providence Directory and Rhode Island Business Directory ROBERTSON, JNO. John Robertson was born in about Nov 1824 in Scotland, emigrated to US in 1851 and died after 1910 in Colorado Springs, CO. Children: Robert, Jane W., David B., John J., William. Rockwood, photographs, 17 Union Square West, h 248 W 43rd, New York, NY(1888); George G. M., photographer, Gardner, IL (1875) Lakeside Directory of State of IL ROGERS, SAM’L Rogers, Sam'l, photographist, Tarrytown, Greenburgh, NY (1870) Sampson Davenport NY State Business Directory; Sam'l Rogers, photographist, Tarrytown, Greenburgh, NY (1874) Sampson, Davenport's New York State Business Directory ROGERS, STANLEY E. Rockwood, photographer, h 163 E 114th, New York, NY (1884); Elihu R. Rockwood & Co., photographs, 839 Broadway, New York, NY (1867-1868) Wilson's Business Directory of New York City; George G. & S., daguerreotypists, 140 Chestnut st., Philadelphia, PA (1850-1851) PA Business Directory ROOT, SAMUEL Root, Samuel, photographer, Du Buque, IA (1865) Bailey & Hair's Iowa State Gazetteer ROOT, WILLIAM N.

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